Massage & Bodywork

Freedom. Timelessness. Rest.
    Massage enhances quality of life in so many ways. It is equally valuable when our days are full to the brim, fast-paced, and pressurized or when we feel overwhelmed, isolated, or oppressed by pain. Massage therapy provides the benefits of caring, human touch coupled with the health-enhancing effects of massage. It is a powerful combination -- one that no other healing modality can offer. To request an appointment, click here.

Services and Approach
    I do not perform superficial, "fluff" massage, nor do I provide painful, bruising sessions with heavy elbow pressure. My goal is to fully meet tension in each client's body rather than to harshly challenge it. By combining firmness and depth with attentive respect, I hope to provide the best possible invitation to relaxation and balance.
    In over 35 years of practice, I have never "relaxed" a client. Massage recipients allow themselves to relax in response to the elements of a good massage. These elements include pressure that is deep without being invasive, injurious, or unpleasant; rhythmic richness and diversity; and skillful repetition and variation of touch technique.
    Please note that massage therapy services are provided strictly for relaxation, health-enhancement, and pain relief: sessions are absolutely and unequivocally non-sexual in nature.

Spaciousness. Pleasure. Peace.
Massage for Relaxation and Well-Being (conducted at my Oakland office)
    Eclectic, full-body sessions based primarily on Meditative, Swedish, and Myofascial techniques with a variety of other techniques added as appropriate for each client/session. Sessions may be 30, 60, 75, or 90 minutes in length. Gift Certificates available.

Connection. Comfort. Ease.
Home or Site Visits (conducted in your residence or in a hospital/rehabilitation setting)
    Home and/or site visit sessions are available only for established clients or through personal referral. Sessions may be 60, 75, or 90 minutes in length. Gift Certificates available.