MBLEx Tutoring

Learning. Support. Confidence.  ...And the MBLEx. :-)

As my satisfaction with massage practice has deepened over the years, so has my joy in facilitating learning in others. Since 1983, I've taught courses and workshops, given presentations, and tutored individuals on topics from business basics to anatomy and physiology. I'm currently focusing on helping both new and established practitioners prepare for and pass the MBLEx.

Please contact me through this site or text me at 510.847.3598. I'd love to support you in reaching your personal and professional massage therapy goals.

To listen to a podcast about preparing for the MBLEx (interview conducted by Haley Winter on Hows' the Pressure?), click here.

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    Can you know what is emerging, yet keep peace while others discover for themselves? Learn to lead in a nourishing manner. Learn to lead without being possessive. Learn to be helpful without taking credit. Learn to lead without coercion.
from the Tao Te Ching as adapted by J. Heider in The Tao of Leadership