Teaching & Tutoring

Discovery. Support. Integration.

    Can you know what is emerging, yet keep peace while others discover for themselves? Learn to lead in a nourishing manner. Learn to lead without being possessive. Learn to be helpful without taking credit. Learn to lead without coercion.
from the Tao Te Chingas adapted by J. Heider inThe Tao of Leadership

As my satisfaction with massage practice has deepened over the years, so has my joy in facilitating learning in others. Since 1983, I've taught courses and workshops, given presentations, and tutored individuals and couples. A partial list of topics and courses follows.

Please email or call to discuss your teaching, facilitation, or presentation needs. I'd love to share my enthusiasm for knowledge about health and the human body with you.

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Some courses I've taught:

  • Swedish Massage Theory and Technique
  • Advanced Swedish Massage Theory and Technique
  • Avoiding Burnout in the Helping Professions
  • Introduction to Polarity Therapy and Other Energetic Modalities
  • The World on a Platter: Environmental and Personal     
  •      Implications of Food Choices
  • Touch Therapy for Elders and the Terminally Ill
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Massage Therapists
  • Massage Basics for Hair Stylists
  • Energy Work for Somatic Psychotherapists
  • Principles of Bodywork

Courses under development include:

  • Managing a Holistic Practice
  • Client Communication Skills for MTs and Bodyworkers
  • Touch and Well-Being
  • How Our Bodies Work: A & P for Everyday Life (TM)
  • MBLEx Preparation
  • Business Series for Massage Therapists