Appreciation. Communication. Response.

The following testimonials come from people with whom I have worked as a massage therapist, teacher, tutor, or editor. If you would like to share something of your experience of our work together, please let me know. If you'd like to read other massage session feedback, please access my Yelp! page from the homepage of this website.image

My first experience of Linda was while attending Massage for Elders and Terminally Ill class at the McKinnon Institute.  I was immediately struck by Linda’s gentle nature; the thoughtfulness and clarity of her communications, and the thoroughness of her teaching.  She immediately put both students and seniors receiving massage at ease.  I learned much from Linda’s style – her ability to listen and reflect feelings and to meet individual’s needs and expectations.

I was so moved by this dynamic that I opted to see Linda as a client – both for relaxation massage and following a motor vehicle accident.  Linda provided that sacred space for me on the massage table – just as she had in the classroom.  Each session was tailored to meet my specific needs in that moment.  She gracefully moved from subtle to deeper work as was appropriate and was able to support me through my own process of healing from trauma both physical and psychic.
                 -- Massage Therapist, Health Educator, and Group Leader, 2007

It was a pleasure to be in Linda's class. The work we did to prepare for the MBLEx was fun and meaningful! I had failed on my first try because I didn't know it was going to be difficult without preparing myself to take a long test like that. But exercises in class made it easier to go the long haul when it came to the 100 questions. I passed the second time around! The flash cards, recommended books, and stress release exercises helped greatly!  Thank you!

  -- Massage Therapy student, 2017

Thanks so very much for your presentation on Massage at our volunteer training. As one volunteer stated, we “felt bathed by your kindness” and warm nature.
                        --Hospice Bereavement Coordinator, 2004

She conducts herself in a very professional manner and we have referred countless patients to her for massage therapy with extremely good results.
                 -- Doctors of Chiropractic in joint practice, 1986

I have known Linda Aldridge and have been receiving massage from her for six and a half years. Linda has always been unfailingly professional and warmly present. Her techniques are versatile: I have never received the same massage twice.
                            -- Addiction Counselor, 1989

She was of an incredible help: she has the art of transforming terrible sentences into something that actually has a meaning…
                                -- Graduate Student, 2002

Linda was an incredible help to me. Her talents and skills at writing are a gift. 

My work is mostly non-verbal and intuitive  -- my right brain is engaged more than my left brain. I needed help with a course outline as well as with a resume.  Linda helped me put my 23 years of experience into words. So eloquent, clear, and descriptive.  Right on target.  She made it look easy, and there was a gentle ease to the process.
                    -- Massage Instructor and Therapist, 2007

This is probably the best instructor of all my education. She was detailed, informative, patient, and in tune to our needs and how to meet those needs. She is positive and did not let anyone give up or feel unappreciated.
      -- Student (Principles of Bodywork), 2004

As a massage therapist, Linda has always demonstrated superb skill… She is thorough in assessing what a client presents to her and tailors her work to meet that client’s needs.

As an educator, Linda again demonstrates thorough knowledge of her craft. In the … training I took from Linda, she taught in a clear, focused manner, and again was attuned to the students in a way that enhanced each individual’s learning.

I have the utmost respect for Linda personally and professionally. She is conscientious, knowledgeable, clear about her own boundaries, caring, and brings all these qualities to her work.
                                        -- Psychotherapist, 1990

I was beyond satisfied with Linda’s instruction. She is a wonderful teacher.
            -- Student (Swedish Massage), 2003

Communicated course requirements – off the chart; she was wonderful. Organized – she was very, very good about this and going over it again until we got it. Student interest – always we enjoyed coming to class because of her. Availability – always, anytime, and we know that she’s always been open and personable. I could not have asked for a better instructor. I am only really sorry we don’t get to keep her for the second semester. A wonderful teacher, massage therapist, and person.
            -- Student (Swedish Massage), 2003

She was soooo truly interested in making sure we got it, extremely patient, and incredibly intuitive. My favorite teacher since 1st grade… honest!
            -- Student (Principles of Bodywork), 2003